As the host of, I have set up my this website to offer my deep understanding, knowledge and advice on learning Chinese for the non native beginner, based entirely on my own experiences of mastering the language.

Mandarin Chinese has an undeserved reputation as being forbiddingly difficult to foreign learners. I want to assure you that with the correct strategy and hard work, you can achieve your goals, unravel the mystery behind the script, and even learn to use them effectively in your communication with native speakers.

I wish to express my deep admiration for Eileen and her Youtube channel ‘Mandarin corner’ and website I recommend her channel and teaching methods knowing you will benefit from and enjoy her work immensely. Please find the links below;

Mandarin Corner Youtube channel

Mandarin Corner official website

I would also like to recommend an old friend from my early days in Chongqing, Ed Barton. He learnt Mandarin from complete beginner to a master’s degree in Mandarin translation in the space of five years, and I’m sure you will find his approach to teaching Chinese useful and interesting.

Chinese is Easy

Finally, whatever your level and motivation, I wish you luck on the wonderful journey and discovery of learning Mandarin Chinese, a language among the top most fascinating and rich in history and tradition in all of human history.