Qatar Airways 卡塔尔航空

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Chongqing meets the world Qatar Airways Worldwide Official Webpage In late 2015, Qatar Airways officially launched the Chongqing Doha route, linking the southwest with Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas with a single efficient stopover at Hamad International Airport. Each year, I travel home to England with Qatar Airways on a number of occasions, and […]

Polyphonic characters

重 Chong, zhong

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I will start with 重, as it’s very commonly used, and it’s always in the name of my host city of Chongqing重庆. 重 Zhong – Falling tone The first meaning of this character is ‘heavy,’ ‘weight’ or ’emphasis,’ and you should hopefully see the connection between these. 重 Chong – Rising tone Chong has the […]