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Welcome to Essential Mandarin

Thank you, and welcome to my website ukmandarin.org.

Mandarin Chinese is a extremely expansive but fascinating area of study if you aim to delve beyond daily conversation and explore its literary and artistic forms, past to present. Few people ever ‘master’ the language in this sense, probably including most native speakers themselves.

However, a solid grounding and practical grasp of conversational Chinese is absolutely within your grasp, and you needn’t feel intimidated by its undeserved reputation for difficulty.

There are already plenty of excellent study resources on the market in the form of publications, online courses, blogs and internet channels, covering all levels from beginner to advanced. Considering how expansive learning a language from scratch is, it is not the aim of my website to teach you the language itself, but rather focus on an aspect that has been largely overlooked, but could help improve your level and accuracy in Chinese greatly.

What makes me different from the rest?

There is already a great variety of quality study resources available both on and off-line. The niche I am aiming for that I can have the biggest effect on is aiming specifically at the difficulties that foreign learners of Chinese come up against. I can promise I have experienced and overcome all the many challenges involved in learning Mandarin, and I want to share my unique insight and solve your problems like no other has tried.

Unlike any other resources, I will give you simple, bite sized articles on every difficulty and source of confusion we can think of, and solve them in seconds with straightforward, logical, and illustrated examples.

Please feel free to offer your suggestions, comments, and questions concerning your journey to mastering Chinese!